A dream come true

Seven friends had finally saved enough money to go see a one direction concert. they didn't get front row seats or backstage passes but two of the friends were determined to meet the band. Mckenzie an bailey ha formed a plan about a week before the concert, and if I do say so myself it was full proof. The other four friends thought they were just going to see a concert and go home but Mckenie and Bailey had other things in mind. Adaeze, Bridget, Gracie, Brianna, and Sydney thought they would never meet one direction but all that was about to change.


1. The Plan!!!!!!

OH MY GOSH!!!!! All seven friends had FINALLY saved up enough money for the one direction concert in the arena this Saturday nights!!! The only downside is that we only get to see the concert. We don't get to meet them or go backstage after. Or that's what five of the friends thought. Two of the friends Bailey and Mckenzie had made a plan. If I do say so myself the plan was full proof. No one else was in on it but after the concert bailey and McKenzie would say to everyone there going to the restroom and asks who wants to come with everyone will go. They'll say they found a shortcut to the restroom so they won't have to wait in line but really the passageway led to backstage. The only reason Bailey and Mckenzie knew this is because McKenzie mom works at the arena(that's how McKenzie got tickets but she's buying all the food so she has to pay like the rest of us)It's 7:30 and the girls are meeting at the arena at eight bailey and Mckenzie are meeting a little early so hey can talk about the plan. If this goes as planned we'll meet one direction and become good friends I don't want to talk about if this doesn't go as planned. The only problem is baileys dad he barely let her go to the concert. He's only giving them about an hour after the concert and that only because Bailey told him it ended an hour later then it actually did. So they have an hour to sneak backstage, meet one direction, become good friends, and get their numbers. They had to have hope. They kept telling themselves anything is possible. Wish us good luck and hope for the best.

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