The Alpha Rescued Me

One day Mavis decides to run away from home. Reasons are still unknown why. She gets into a bit of trouble with her sarcastic and strong werewolf attitude and the Alpha of a strong pack comes to save her. Mavis is hurt and rushed to a hospital. The Alpha happens to be a doctor as well. Turns out Mavis and the Alpha Ashton are soul mates. What happens when secrets come between the two? And why do they both seem like they are keeping a secret? Will love save them? Or will hate replace it? Read and find out.


1. Danger

          Ashton's Point of View

   There was a loud howl in the distance. It just had to wake me in my sleep. I felt drawn to it. Weird. I hurried out the door and shifted in to my large grey wolf. I sniffed the air trying to figure out where the howl was coming from. Someone is trespassing on my land and I will not have it.

   I notice a new smell in the air. Blood. I looked down at the snow. Blood was trailing deeper into the woods. I knew this was dangerous. So when I ran deeper into the woods I heard a blood piercing scream. I was so attracted to it for some reason. I had to go deeper.

    I found the girl up against a tree with blood pooring out of her. She had to be helped. Suddenly a large man came up with a knife and was screaming at her. I Startled the man while I tore him to bits.

      Once that was over I rushed to the girl and crouched on the ground so she get on my back. At first she was unsure of herself. But with the left over strength she had, she pulled herself up on my furry back.

    As I ran towards the pack house that held all my pack members, she started to shiver. I remembered that it was very cold and she barley had any clothes on. I pushed harder to the house.

    When the girl grabbed tighter to me I felt tingles spread through out my body like I was being electrified. Except this felt amazing. My inner wolf was loving it. And I have no clue why.

        As I reached the pack house a couple of men were hanging out side. Since it is dawn now, I told them through my mind link to take her to the Werewolf Hospital.

         I shifted back into my human form and changed into some clothes. I then hurried to the hospital. I had to save this girl.

        When I arrived. The girl was bleeding badly and was shivering from being so cold. The nurses and I hurried to bandage the cuts and wash the blood away. The nurses grabbed some warm clothing that was loose on her body. I grabbed some blankets and wrapped her in them.

        The beautiful girl was still shivering. And she tossed and turned in her sleep. Her blue lips and red cheeks were so beautiful. She is beautiful. Her long dark hair and her porcelain skin was just breath taking. And she has this large freckle just above her lips. Her tiny little body was under the covers still shivering away.

    I reached for her hand. I held it tight but not tight enough to hurt it. She squeezed my hand and then went the chills again.


       I woke up with my hand still holding hers. I slowly got up and pulled my hand away. But I guess that was just what I needed to do to wake her up.

   Those big ocean blue eyes popped open and in her eyes are small tinges of purple. so magical looking. Like they held some kind of power. A power over me. I just couldn't look away.

        "Who are you?" her angelic voice came out a bit hoarse.

       " I saved you."

     " I still don't know who you are."

   "I am Ashton. And I think we are soul mates." The words came out uncontrollably. I didn't want to say that! But I did.


   " Do you accept me as your soul mate?"


   Authors Note:

Okay people! First Chapter. Tell me what you think?! Yes or no. And I hope you guys liked it. Like and Favorite PLEASE! Lov ya guys! <3  


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