Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


16. chapter 16

      Niall's P.O.V.

 I wake up the next morning to a very very bad head ache i roll over in my bed and Bella wasn't there so i decided to get up. I sat up and my head started to throab so bad and i accidentaly yelled and all four boys plus Bella come running in the room and i lay back down on the bed. "are you kay Niall" Liam asked "hey very bad head ache" i said "i will go get you something to take for that" Harry said and he left the room "lets get you up and get you some food" Liam said and he helped me up and Zayn got on the other side of me and they helped me walk down stairs into the kitchen. "okay sit here and we will make you something to eat" Liam said and he helped me sit down and then they started to make me something to eat and Harry got me some medicine and i took it.


  They gave me my food and i slowly ate it until it was all gone. "okay i am going to go take a shower okay" i said and i stood up and walk up stairs into my bedroom and then into the bathroom.


    Bella's P.O.V.

 wHEN Niall left me and the boys just sat around the table and talked for a while.We also played on are twitters to.



  ~a few months later~


    Bella's P.O.V.

  Okay so Els back so me and her have been hanging out a lot because it is almost the end of the summer so they have meetings and reccodings they have to do. Right now the boys are at the reccording studio and me and El are watching movies and eating ice cream and popcorn. It is the end of november so chrismas is comeing soon and that means we are moving back to london in the boys flats which are right next to each others. We are moving in four days and i am really going to miss this place but the good thing is that me and Niall will have a house to are self so we can have alone time together. Also the boys are going to go back home three days after chrismas to see there familys so i think i am going with Niall so i cant wait to see his family. Me and Niall havnt been haveing a lot of fun latly if you know what i mean;). But he has been busy so i dont blam him.


   "I think the boys are going out to eat" El said "how do you know that" i ask "because Harry tweeted 'going out to lunch with the boys" "ohh" i said and i took out my phone and loged onto twitter.


@OfficialHarry: going out to lunch with the boys

@BellaCarter: sounds fun me and El are eating ice cream and popcorn and watching moves haha:)

@OfficialHarry: what ever you guys are just getting more fat hahaha

@OfficialElenor: oh thanks Harry but do you no what this also helps your boobs to get bigger:p

@OfficialLouis: i think they are perfect the way they are

@OfficialElenor: thank you lou

@OfficialNiall: i dont think all this texting is getting food in my stomach

@OfficialElenor: oh Niall. Bella arent you lucky to have him:p

@BellaCarter: he might eat a lot but i still love him

@OfficialHarry: oh how touching

@OfficialNiall: i though it was touching thanks i love you too

@OfficialLiam: do you guy no that everyone can read these

@OfficialHarry: Bella started it i was just saying that we were going out for lunch

@BellaCarter: and i was just saying that we were having ice cream and popcorn and watching moves and you told us that we were getting more fat.

@OfficialHarry: well you were teassing us

@bellaCarter: well i was telling the truth

@OfficialHarry: well some time the truth is not the best thing to say

@BellaCarter: well the truth is better then a lie

@OfficialHarry: not always

@BellaCarter: well Mr. Syles have it your way i am going back to the ice cream and popcorn

@OfficialHarry: see she is braging

@BellaCarter: i dont care and i am going to eat it all and you wont get any

@OfficialHarry: you better not

@BellaCarter: and how are you going to stop me

@OfficialHarry: you will see i will get you back some way

@BellaCarter: sure curly

@OfficialHarry: sure faty

@BellaCarter: oh that was to far

@OfficialLiam: ok you guys stop fighting god you act like children

@BellaCarter: Yes daddy whatever you say

@OfficialHarry: stop being sassy

@OfficialNiall: okay botth of you stop it is getting anoying and i am trying to eat

@OfficialElenor: why do you pick on us saying that we are going to get fat when Niall is the one how eats 20 meals a day!!!

@OfficialHarry: Well i bet he could eat less then you two

@BellaCarter: if we bet that you will lose in a day

@OfficialHarry: we will bet you

@BellaCarter: it is a deal if we win all you guys have to do what we say and if you win then we have to do what you guys say and if it is a tie the nothing

@OfficialHarry: it is a deal be ready to be my slave

@OfficialNiall: do i even get a say i this

@OfficialHarry: no and i am go i have to eat but the bet starts when we walk in the door you might want to eat up.;)



  "This is going to be so easy because Niall cant go that long with out eating more then three meals" i said "i know and i cant wait until they are, are slaves" El said and we laid back and started to eat are ice cream and popcorn.

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