Am I dead?

Interpret it your own way


1. Am I dead?

Am I dead 

Or are you an angel

A glowing fortress in a lake of light

Hair so beautiful

Eyes so strong

But heart so weak

Easy to break but hard to falter

Yet too beautiful to be a worldly creature 

Not a siren nor pixie

But possibly an angel


She falls in love too easily

And out of it with struggle 

She was fearsome and strong

Courage of a knight 

Yet broken with a wordy smite

She threw caution to the wind and fell in love once

For the first time this was

But a million times over her heart was broke

She couldn't be real

Too magnificent for that

Possibly an angel


One love was too many 

And her heart was broken like a glass vial

Ignoring the signs that screamed 


handle with care'

Nearing the shore she speaks no words

The water never wavers just adjusts to her form

The ribbon of moonlight plays with her hair 

And her porcelain skin grimaces in return

So beautiful but so damage 

But yet

Possibly an angel


Am I broken from reality 

Or am I simply dead

Is this truly an angel to which I have fallen 

Maybe I fall too easily

And her not easy enough

For her beauty is captivating 

And her charms so strong

Into the abyss of water I wavered

And saw the glaze on her eyes

In this encounter I heard her speak

'get out of here, you are too weak'


The pool embraced me as I wished to embrace her

She never quivered from the cold

Or stuttered from a shiver

But she was real

And all at once her voice caressed me 

'this lake is hell on earth

you'll fall in love too easy

but get devoured so hard

no man nor woman is safe

from the crippling embrace of love'


And with that I had fallen 

To neither heaven nor hell

I had not died

Love had embraced me

And taken the reins

The beautiful creature that I had encountered 

Was no angel

But possibly a blessing

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