Life, personality, actions.


1. Life

Life is amazing

an objective view of life

ever a perennial flow of surprises.


Cup of bitterness here

cup of sweetness there

mixture of many somewhere

fathomless twists of fate everywhere.


Present slips into the past

future merges into the present

beloved ones fade on the screen

memories pursue with much more vigor.


Our role in our lives

in retrospection makes us wonder

are we more of sinners or of  saints?

Those mysterious traits in our personalities.


Honesty demands us to answer

but we refuse and hide behind

calculations and analysis

in a total justification of our actions.


A secret satisfaction

that others are also like this

a pitiable basic trend

never wants to be corrected.


Standards are fixed for others

never to be applied to us

our minds veiled in self denial

without which we stand naked.


We make additions to positive deeds

subtract our negative actions

multiply our merits and divide our drawbacks

the duplicity in humanity.


Never a sincere attempt

to be the way we need to be

nor refraining from the blames

we throw on others.


There is nothing unnatural

in the negative side

in fact it is a fact with every one.

concentration on positive traits

eliminates the negative trends.


Let our lives be the fragrance carried by the wind

from the fresh blooms from the womb of the earth

as colorful rainbows that beautify the sky

as serenity of the sea

a sparkling glow of the fire.


As life is created and breathed in

by these five elements

a life well lived is a tribute to these forces

and the greatest offering to Almighty.







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