she's the one!

Isabella,18,has always been a huge fan of One Direction. When she gets backstage passes to a concert in paris she never imagined they would become so close. What will happen when she meets them? Who will she fall for? Will he like her back?


1. NO WAY!

I woke up and starred outside the window on this beautiful August day. OMG! I have completly forgotten what day it is! Today is my birthday!!! "MOM", I screamed downstairs. My whole family piled into my room and started singing. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO IZZIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU",they sang until the song was over. Thats when my little sister Mya came up to me gave me a big fat hug and gave me four One Direction tickets! "Happy birthday sissy", she said and then she calmly walked out of my room. I literally jumped up and down on my bed screaming! I examined the tickets and saw they were freaking backstage passes! I called my best friend Erica. "Hello", Erica said. "HI!! you will never guess what just happened!" "OH BY THE WAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU FREAK!" "Thanks! But my parents just gave me four One Diretion backstage pass tickets!" "Are you serious!", Erica exclaimed sounding shocked! "yep! We are going to the mall to find our outfits today!!!", i said super excited! "Okay! I'm on my way! See you in ten!!!" And we hung up. I tweeted and everyone said happy birthday and how lucky I was all I have to do now is find my outfit and get ready for the concert which was in three days!

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