The Deadly Game (Complete)

"She was my beautiful baby girl."
- Mother
"She was a bright child, indeed."
- Teacher
"She was the sister I never had."
- Best Friend
"She was my everything."
- Secret Crush
"She was just another game."
- Gun


1. My Deadly Choice

The sharp silver stiletto stares back at me,

He sits next to the blade being the last player.

A player who is hardly used,

Only for a painless escape from the game.


I take a deep breathe whilst I try to settle,

“Stay calm” I try to convince myself.

I’ve played this game many times,

Before I started I thought I could win.


But the deadly player always wins,

I know now because he’s always there.

At least now I know its game over,

Closer and closer he comes.


As the room turns silent like the night,

I stand and walk towards the devilish player.

My eyes stare at him as I crave to touch,

For the final shot of this miserable show.


I tighten my hand around his,

As slow as a growing rose I bring it to my head.

I finally entwine our fingers together,

BANG! Beautiful black bliss...

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