i wont give up on us

Erin is just an ordinary teenage girl trying to find her place in the world other than the soccer field. Everything changes when she bumps into One Direction. The next thing you know, she might be dating one of them.


1. Run in the park

Erin's POV

I walked off the field with my team in victory again. This was the championship game and we won!! I'm not worried about my future. I got a call from the England team and they want me to play for them. I just need my mum to say yes. I got home and I walked over to my mum.

"Mum, can I please go to England? You have no idea how important this is to me." I asked in a whiny voice.

"Fine. Just remember that your father just got let out of jail. He might give you a visit if you know what I mean."

I screamed as loud as I could. I ran upstairs and started packing. I fell asleep on top of my suitcase.

I woke-up , got a shower, put on my clothes and makeup and left for the airport. I got on the plane and listened to music but then I fell asleep again.

I got to England and went to my hotel room. I unpacked than I got changed into shorts and a tank-top because I was going out to take a run. I got to the park and ran around the trail and I noticed that a guy with ocean blue eyes and blonde hair was staring at me.

Niall's POV

The girl walked over to me and I saw that she was staring into my eyes. She had brown eyes and long straight hair.

"Umm, can I help you? I noticed that you were staring at me."

"Uh, yeah sorry" I looked down at my feet blushing.


She started to walk away, so I followed her.

We were in the deserted part of town where there was only a couple of buildings. I got a text and looked down to see who it was from. I looked back up and she was gone!

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