The life (Ed Sheeran And One Direction)

Scarlet in deeply in love with Harry but has no clue how to tell him. They have been friends for years and she has seen him go through break ups and was the only one who has truly loved him from the start. On the other hand Daphne is Scarlet's bestfriend and also Ed Sheeran's little sister. When Ed unexpectedly brings One Direction to there flat she develops some deep feelings for Liam. When Liam And Daphne start dating how long can she keep it a secret from he older brother Ed? Will Scarlet end up telling Harry or will she just watch him go through another break up? Will Ed find out or will he be mad when he hears the big news that nobody saw coming?
Read to find out!


1. Boys are home


Scarlet's POV:
"Harry is the one I'm closest to. I made friends with him before I knew who the band was."
I was sitting with my best friend Daphne. The boys were on tour again and they are coming home tomorrow and Daphne was trying to convince me that I should tell Harry how I feel about him. 
"Oh Scarlet  just tell him or I'll tell him for you, He probably feels the same way about you!"
"Well what if he doesn't Daph?"
"Youll never know until you try Scarlet!"
"Umm.......I guess, I'll tell him tomorrow when the boys get back only ..... if you Daphne Sheeran tell your bother (Ed Sheeran) that you and Liam are dating."
"Well I dont know Scarlet umm...."
"hey I mean I wont tell Harry untill you tell Ed."
"Ugh.. fine tomorrow all screcrets will be spilled!"
---------------------The Next Day------------ 6:00 Am----
"Daphne Nicole Sheeran get your lazy ass up! We have to be at the airoport but seven(am)"
"Ugh...Scarlet.... why dont you go and then i'll be up by the time you get back with the boys?"
 "Really? But if i am not mistaken you were complaining on how you miss your boyfriend so much, are you sure you don't want to see your lovely boyfriend?"
"Fine I'll be up in 10min."
-------------------------10 min later------------------------- 
"Daph ready yet?" 
"You dont know how cozy and comfy my bed feels like I just want..."
"Okay, okay i'll be down in 10"
--------------------at the airport-----------------------
"Scarlet I told you we should have made a sign to hold up for when we see the boys."
"Hey what you never said that!"
"I did but you just never listen do you?"
"Umm well...... wait Daphne theirs your bother!"

Ed's POV:
I was just about to find the girls until Scarlet noticed me.
"Oh hey scar"
"Heyyy ed we missed you oh and we have so much to tell you! Especially Daphne."
Evil look from Daphne
"Hey sis"
"Hey bro how was the tour?"
"Great! We all had a blast and since I was touring with One Direction I offered them to stay at our Flat.

(Daphne Scarlet and Ed all share a flat)   
"Oh isn't that just grate Daph!?"
(Daphne smiles) "why yes it is"
"Okay did I miss something?"
"Ed lets face it you missed a lot when you were gone."
We all laugh.
"Oh the boys said they will meet us at our flat so we can go when ever you too girls would like to."
---------------------At home----------------------
Daphne's POV:
"Guys should we order a pizza before they boys come?"

I asked Scarlet and Ed
"sure sis you gonna pay?" Ed said 
"Naw Scarlet said it's on her!"
"What no I didn't.. but just because I am nice i'll pay."
We laughed lol I always put her on the spot I thought when all of a sudden my thoughts got interrupted when we heard a knock at the door.
"Got it" Shouted Scarlet

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