When I was there

This story/Poem can be anything you want it to be, A love relashionship or just a freindship. Its based upon some things which have happend recently in my life but its also fiction.
I hope you like it!
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1. When I was there




When i was there

In this once sparkling dimension

The world had stopped spinning

It lost all its intentions


The wind i could almost taste

The emerald grass was alive

The sunshine blazing in the sky

Seemed like it would never die


When i was there

Everything made sense

I could live...I could love

Now all that was,Is nothing but past events


What made you tear this away from me?

When i was there.

what made you want to hurt me?


When i was there

 I loved you.

You were my steady rock

But now you laugh and mock


When i was there i felt like i really belonged



Now i'm HERE






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