lost (liam payne fanfic)

Me, and my BFFs heather and Alyssa were exited for getting the 1D concert tickets. But Heather's idea didn't go great. It was to sneak in to the back of 1D's van. but it didn't go as they expected. Everything went wrong. Falling in love for the band members. And getting Lost with one direction.


1. surpise!

" Wanna come, and hang out at my place?" I asked Heather and Alyssa,opening my locker combination.

" sure!" Heather said taking out some of her books out of her locker and putting it inside her bag.

Alyssa was talking to her boyfriend Eric. She is so happy about her relationship.

I'm happy for them too, they have been dating for a year. 


Not as my relationship which lasted only for 2 weeks, and he dumbed me saying that I wasn't his " type " but the truth was that he dumbed me for this new girl called Melissa. But someone got her before he did so whatever.

Alyssa grined and said goodbye to Eric and turned around to us.

" are you gonna come to Tati's place today? " heather said slamming her locker door.

" okay, Let me just call my mom and let her know" Alyssa said flipping her short red hair.


*at Tatiana's place*

" Oh my God" Heather said leaning closer to her laptop screen.

" what? Tell me its not another shirtless pic of Zayn" I said bouncing off my sit and joining her. It's not that I don't like one direction, I love them, I'm a directioner. But Heather was showing me each shirtless picture of them ,which I have already seen for zillion times, well it's no problem though.....

"No....." She said scrolling down, and her eyes moving left to right as she read.

" what.... Wait... The wanted and one direction are in a fight?!" I said.

" I'm loving this!" Alyssa said putting her i phone away and joining us, she was texting Eric the whole time since she came.

I took one slice of pizza and started reading louis' and Tom's tweets.


We all cracked up by louis' tweet saying that he should make their new single on their soundtrack for their movie and Liam's tweet that saysthat josh the drummer has more followers Than Tom the wanted. Ha ha true that!

" girls come down," my mom was calling from downstairs.

" come down guys" she said again.

" your mom is calling us lets go," Alyssa said.


We all went downstairs chatting about the fight on twitter.

My mom was holding a camera. And my younger brother was behind her. He looked like he doesn't know what's happening or shall I say vas happening?! LLN

Heather and I stood on the kitchen door. Alyssa I guess was texting Eric.  


" what...what is it?" I said looking at mom. 


" come here, just come closer and you'll see it" she said smiling.

Okay that was the weirdest thing that ever happened.


I stepped forward and saw paper on the table, it was a poster! A one direction poster. So is this what's all about.  

Before I thanked her i saw another thing there was A ONE DIRECTION TICKET!!!!!


I screamed and fall in to the ground and started crying.


" what is it?" Heather asked stepping forward

" OH MY CARRROTTSS!!!!" She screamed and we both started cheering and crying.


" Alyssa come here" my mom said still recording us on the camera.

Alyssa walked in putting her phone back to her short's pocket. She didn't say anything until...


" AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" She started crying and she took out her phone and called someone. of course Eric


" you can't believe what just happened............. Tatiana's mom bought us a ticket to one direction's concert....." She said crying.


We all thanked mom and started tweeting. We posted the video that mom was recording on YouTube.


I'm so glad mom did that to us I thought I would never see one direction.


Our faces were still pink and stuffed with tears.


Time passed.


" I think I have to go now," Alyssa said looking at her watch.

" but you know today is Friday right?"

" oh shit I forgot"



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