A woman finds herself in a dark room, and begins to uncover deeply buried memories.

Short story. Based on the poem 'confession' by janice windle. I orginally wrote this for an english essay.


1. Waking

Cold early light sliced through the dark room.
She caught the dust circling around her shoe like a vulture does its prey, and so she shuffled her foot to reassure herself that she was still alive. The dust was sent spinning of course and out of the light, turning invisible in the shadows.

She lifted her head from her hands. Her huge glass eyes felt heavy, aged and she looked up to see where the light had suddenly come from. It was sunrise. But she had no concept of how long she had been there for, although she had been awake all this time.She needed sleep but opted to stay awake for reasons that she could not fathom. She’d been still long enough that when she urged her numb body to stand up, her eye sight blurred and sparkled.

She slumped back down to stop her spinning head and glanced around the room. This room was plain and dull but she didn’t linger long on thoughts about her surroundings, and instead let her mind take her away.

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