Have you ever been sitting and have been lost in thoughts, that you just simple could not find the motivation to what you wanted to do. This poem 'Inspiration' is based upon searching for the motivation that seems to have disappear.


1. Inspiration

Inspiration come to thee, you have withdrawn from me, where have thou gone? I am sitting here and searching for you.

Inspiration where art thou, where forth are thou hiding? Please do not hide ones face from thee, I am waiting for you, I am searching, oh Inspiration.

Without you I am lost in thoughts, without you my pen cannot find the paper and it is lost without you, oh dearest Inspiration, why have you flee from thee, I was happy when you were here, where you not happy with me? I have done all that you wanted; I was free to do all things with you my sweet Inspiration.

Inspiration come back to me, without you there is no songs to sing, no ways to smile, my Inspiration where have thou gone without thee.

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