Our Life (Niall Horan Trilogy)

Meet Liliana Hills, a 17-year old girl who loves One Direction so much. But what if together with her best friend Madeline, had a chance to meet One Direction? Will they be happy? Sad? Or... in love?


1. Liliana Hills

Liliana's Point Of View


I woke up and stared at the window outside. I'm 18 years old, and I'm done at college. Finally. I smiled at myself. Today is my first day to find a new job. I quickly stood up from my bed, swinging my legs on the side and wearing my fluffy slippers. I quickly went downstairs, and I saw my mom cooking breakfast. I smiled.

"Good morning, mommy!" I happily said, as I took my seat on the table. She turned around for a bit and smiled at me, before bringing her gaze back to the stove.

"Good morning too hun. Looks like you're on a good mood today." She said while smiling. I nodded.

"I'm really happy today, mom. It's my first time on looking for a job!" I said happily. I even squealed a little. I'm really excited on everything new. New friends, new day, new everything. It's because I'm a happy person.

I heard my phone buzzed from the living room. I wonder when did it come there? I stood up from my seat and grabbed my phone that was placed on the table. My best-friend, Madelline, was calling.


"Liliana! I've heard One Direction is here today!" She screamed from the phone. You see, me and Madelline are really a big One Direction fan. You know, what they call dedicated directioners. We really love them so much. She loves Harry, and I love Niall more.

"Really?" I asked, eyes widened. "As in here, in California?!"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" I could picture her nodding a lot of times. I smiled and squealed jumping happily around the house while yelling "Oh yeah!"

"So, their concert is next week. Are we going to buy a ticket?" She asked which made me stopped from jumping. Aww. The ticket is expensive, and I know mommy won't let me buy an expensive ticket. She already bought me a lot of posters, and all of the One Direction dolls so maybe she wouldn't let me anymore. I sighed.

"Well, I guess... I'll call you back later Madelline."

"Wait! Before that! Let's go to the mall later, okay? I'll treat you!"

"Sure! I'll see you later at two in the afternoon."

"Okay. Bye Lils!"

"Bye Mads."

I ended the call and went back to the kitchen. The plates were ready already and there's a food in the plate. You see, me, dad, and mom are the only one whose living here. I have a sister but she's on New York for her job. She's got a boyfriend. Oh well. I'm really not that interested in her life because we're not that close. Dad's at work today. And he'll be back at night.

"What's with that face?" Mom asked, placing a bacon on my plate. I sighed.

"Mom... One Direction--"

"What? Another poster?" She cuts me off. I rolled my eyes and sighed again.

"Mom, they're having a concert here!!! I want to be there!" I whined. She shook her head and rolled her eyes.

"And how much is the ticket?" She asked while taking a bite on her food. I smiled and my twinkling were formed in my eyes. Is she going to buy me one?

"{Insert price here}!" (A/N: Sorry I never really went to a One Direction's concert so I'm not sure) I yelled. Her eyes widened.

"And where do you think am I going to get that money?" She said, while her arms were crossed. The twinkling from my eyes disappeared and my face frowned. I thought she was buying me one.

"But mom! Please!"






"I'll treat you to your favorite restaurant."

"I'm not a kid Liliana."




Before I could even say anything, we heard the door from the living room burst open and we heard Madelline's noisy voice echoed around the house.

"Liliana!!!! I bought two meet and greet tickets for the both of us!!!"

To be continued



Okay sorry if this was short ^^ Hehe. I hope you like it. this is a Niall Horan fan-fiction by the way :)

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