ms. look-a-like

hi im stephanie other call me steph people always take me as perrie edawrds zayn malik's girlfriend but im not perrie! asked me to be her for two months! what will happen?


1. introduction/meeting the boys

OMG!! it's Perrie Edwards ahhhhh!!!



what the?



who is perrie edwards?



im not her!



i shouted



they stil didnt care



they still asked for atoughraphs











hi im stephanie evans im 21 i have pink hair i got a job as a magazine interviewer  they said i was beautiful but all through highshool   





i got teased but then i was walking peacefully when ahhh! a group of girls followed me! why? they





"kept screaming saying perrie! or that's perrie from little mix!  please take a picture of me"!


what? who is perrie? i kept thinking as i ran huhhh i stil have a interview with one direction?



who is little mix? i searched the internet when i saw this:


Little Mix are a British four-piece girl group formed in 2011, consisting of members Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jade Thirlwall

ok so i saw their new video  and i saw each one of  their  faces O.O i look like perrie!?


that's why they screamed and following me! uhh i dont know how to go outside


the next morning i got ready for the interview luckily im early!

then there they were! one direction! ahhh but i gotta keep my cool


i went to talk to them

i went to harry

ME: umm hi harry im

Harry: perrie what are you doing here!

Me: huh?

Harry nevermind!

then i went to zayn

Me: hi zayn im your

Zayn: perrie what are you doing here?

*le kisses cheeks*

Me: O.O

Zayn: oh here are tickets for our concert and a backstage pass

Me:umm thanks?



(LE interview)


(LE done)


ME: umm thanks guys you were great!

(le wild zayn appears)

Zayn: um text me?

Me: uh im sorry i accedentaly deleted your number

Zayn: oh well umm here (le number)


LE LEAVE le me at house

i cant believe it i just cant how? what? backstage passes?





Harry: what happened with perrie? she seemed kinda forgetful?

ME: um yah why is it? anyway?

Harry: i dont know but get ready for the concert


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