Joining The Darkness

Niall Horan is a young Business Man, but not the business you’d imagine. Niall is a trained killer; he is weary, careful and effortlessly perfect at his job. Death is the only thing he knows. Niall had given up on love long before his parents were murdered, possibly because they never loved him. However a beautiful young Mariah Rose does. Niall lies about everything, his name, family and especially his job so this young beauty will like him. Mariah falls for Niall which he does not expect, but wants, so can she love the real Niall? Or will death get in the way?


1. Lie number 1

Hello my beautiful readers, I hope you enjoy this exciting movella. This is dedicated to my amazing friends – Brittany Bowell, Amy Rutledge, Maria Alier, Sidrah Deen, and Ahna Chapmen. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS STORY WILL BE IN 2 DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES. 



Nialls P.O.V

Darkness fills the alley ways and silence fills the air in the heart of New York City but the streets are full of the homeless the dealers the killers. The precious lives of innocent people lay quietly in their beds, happy loved and safe. Safe to a point, safety won’t guarantee survival; in fact no one is safe. Ever. But survival isn’t just a way of life; you have to be strong, stronger than everyone else.

 I open the door into my apartment which is small enough for one, and I guess always will be. I own no electronic devices, they could be tracked straight back to me. It’s basically like sentencing myself to prison. I have no bank accounts no phone records no bills nothing. I eat sleep and kill. My clients don’t know my name or my appearance. I don’t even speak to them, they hand me a picture and location and an envelope with cash. Five thousand a person, I think of charging more because that whole person’s life now has a price, their memories their everything, them. It’s hard to believe someone’s life could only be worth 5 k. But thinking about these things debilitates you from doing the job; I guarantee the person/people will be dead in 3 to 5 days.

 Your probably wondering how people know what I do if they want someone dead. Obviously I can’t hand out flyers or advertise. The bad people just know, the type of people who want to pay someone to kill someone for them rather than do it themselves, they know. It’s like a secret language at the end of new York the way you present yourself the way you speak the way you walk, everyone knows your job and what your services include.

 I go into a cupboard and pull out a can of tomato soup and pour it into a bowl and heat it over a portable stove, gosh I need to buy some stuff. I have been doing this job since I was 17 and I’m now 23, 6 solid years of killing, no doubt I’ve killed at least 800 people. BAD people, I’ve never ever killed an innocent person. I back ground check everyone. It’s hard to believe that there have been that many bad people here, you could walk past them in the street and wouldn’t suspect a thing. The only person who knows of my job is Nathan West; he trained me and taught me everything I know.

 I eat and then find myself drifting off to sleep I hadn’t actually killed anyone today; I don’t kill on a daily basis. A few per month some people are harder to find then others, most in hiding.

I wake up bright and early, like always. I decide to head out and get some food since I’m living on caned crap. I enter a health food shop so I can steer clear of stuff I don’t need. Not that I’m tight with cash. Don’t you worry I have plenty of it. I have given nearly all my income to different charities anonymously but keep a fair share of it for emergencies.

 I get to the register finally and I’m greeted by an overly chirpy checkout chick, “Hello sir! How has this beautiful day been for you?” I nod not because I'm trying to be rood because this beautifully sunny day will be the last day of Jed Richard’s life. He killed his wife and 2 young girls and got away Scott free the brother wants him dead. Can’t blame him, and I have no sympathy for the man but like I said earlier, thinking about it debilitates you from being able to do the job. “Any flybys or ajax with that sir” I give her a look as I pull out my wallet she skips my answer “Cash or card” her smile should have disappeared by now because of the way I’ve treated her but it’s as big as ever.  “I give her 75 dollars and receive a 50 cents change which I place in a charity box outside the store.

 I then idiotically bump into an incredibly beautiful girl “OW” she said holding her head “Oh I’m so sorry” those were the first words I’ve actually spoken to someone in about 2 months “It’s fine” she says with a cheery smile but it’s not fake unlike the checkout girl’s. “Mariah” she says placing her hand toward me to shake, I haven’t touched a human in years. I smile “Ah Nia- James, James is my name ah yes” she laughs and give me a completely confused look. “Well James I shall be going”

“Oh yeah”

Fuck wow. I just made a complete fool out of myself, my name is James WHAT! Where did that come from…

I move out of her way and mentally beat the shit out of myself. Gosh where’s my mojo at? But then I spot my target Jed Richards “Shit” I say under my breath. I see a woman and 2 kids about to walk into the store I hand her about 6 bags with vegetables fruit blah blah. “Ah excuse please take these” I say basically shoving the at her, before she gives a reaction I’m half way down the street running. I enter my apartment and quickly get changed. I never kill in daylight but Jed looks like he’s on the move and if I don’t get him now he’ll be gone…


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