One direction Imagines

This account is for imagines. Feedback as always appreciated, I don't do this often. If you are interested in imagines, comment with 1. Your hair color 2. your eye color 3. what type of relationship you want (friends, married, dating, etc) 4. Your age 5. the boy(s) you want 6.Name 7.Theme(optional, i will try also, it might not be good.


1. Niall



"honey, wakie wakie" you chimed as you walked in the master bedroom of your three story house on the beach. "Ugh, its 8:00, its too early for newly weds to wake up." A cute irish accent replied. " I know but, i want to spend time with my Nialler before we have to head out for the painting class." you replied sweetly. " Oh, all right but, under one condition. We get to make your famous pancakes for breakfast" " Sure honey, come on, get up! Get up or I will throw away your not so secret stash of chips in the garage!" Nialls eyes flew open suddenly " Not the chips!" He cried out. " Well, if you want them so badly, you should probably get up so I wont throw them away." you replied, impatient." I coming, im coming." he yelled. You waited for him to cross the bedroom you two shared and the you walked down the short flight of stairs hand in hand. When you arrive to the huge kitchen, you sigh. " Whats wrong babe?" Niall asked sounding worried. " Nothing, I just feel so blessed to have a beautiful husband, a big house, and food everywhere." " Me too, except instead of husband, i am blessed to have a beautiful wife. Come on, lets make some chocolate chip pancakes." Okay" you replied. You two got all the ingredients and fired up the stove. When you two were almost done cooking the pancakes, you decided to get the last little bit of batter and put it on your lips, not eating it. " Niall..." You said seductivly, " I know how mush you like food so here" You planted a light kiss on his lips and he said " I do" while licking those plump lips you always admired. He then kissed you passionatly. "You had promised to me that this relationship would last forever." You said " I know, it will, trust me. I will always love my princess" He replied, " This love will last longer than eternity. 

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