I Was Forced To Marry Him

My name is Tess. I had the perfect life, good friends, a family. I never knew that one thing could bring my world crashing down. I was forced to marry HIM.


1. The News

So yeah this is my new story. I know it's short but i promise that the first chapter will be long.



My name is Tess. My life WAS normal. I had great parents. The best friends I could ever have. I have no love life.

I'm 17 and go to school. I've never been one of those girls to ever get in fights I stay away from them. I'm smart but not smart enough to be valedictorian. I have brown, wavy hair that reaches below my shoulders. My eyes are green with a bit of blue. I'm 5'5 . Yeah I'm not really tall. I wouldn't consider myself skinny but my friends say I have an amazing body.

I love music. Every time I'm in the car I just can't stop singing. I love music that has true meaning to it. What's the point of listening to music if it has no meaning to it. Something I really despise, I really despise One Direction. My older sister that is older than me by a year is madly in love with them. They're just like any other celebrity snobby, rich, act like they are better than everyone. 

It sorta sucks to know that my mom used to be friends with one of the band members mom. I've never even met their son. My mom and his mom made a deal that when I turned 18 we would be married. So you'll never guess. I'm in a arranged marriage with the one and only............... Niall Horan. Anybody would kill to be in my place.



A/N Do you like it? Do you hate it? Should i continue? Should I stop? Tell me what you people think. I really want to know what you think. I know it's short but i promise the first chapter will be long. I will try to make all the chapter 2 pages or longer. Please favorite, like, and comment I really want to know what you think about this story.

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