Rivals & Race cars

Adam becomes Kira's manager and he and Trish become rivals Dez enters a man made race car race with Chuck Austin and Ally have a big secret to hide


1. It's on & I bad

Adam walks into sonic boom 

Adam: guess who got a job as a manager

Ally: that's awesome!

Trish: who's your client 

Adam: I believe you know her 

Kira walks in

Ally & Trish: Kira Star!

Adam: yep 

Kira: hi Ally how are you and Austin

Ally; I .... Uh ..... We ..... Uh ... I gotta go see ya!

she runs off

Kira: what's wrong with her 

Adam: I have no idea she's been acting werid ever since we got back from Paris 

Kira: yeah my dad told me you went to Paris 

Trish: so Kira got any gigs 

Adam: yeah she got one at the big bam jam 

Trish: I booked Austin there 

Adam: yeah Kira's gonna do half the show 

Trish: no Austin is gonna do the whole set 

Adam and Trish get in each others faces 

Adam & Trish: it's on!

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