Milly Potter

Milly Potter, an Autistic first year, finally gets her hogwarts letter. Her mother is Lily Potter, who is keeping up on Lily's witch life. But little did Lily know that Millys life at hogwarts was getting harder. As her problems pile up, and her temper gets worse, Milly wonders whether he would be able to stay at Hogwarts anymore.


1. The life

Milly Potter, an Autistic child, was sitting on her mothers lap. Her mother was in luck, as Milly was light and small for her age. 

'Your birthday tomorrow!' Her mother, Lily, sang happily, bouncing her knees up and down so Milly giggled sweetly. 

"I can't wait' Milly gasped, looking into the air and thinking what would happen. She twitched a bit as she normally did, she couldn't help it. 'Mummy?' She asked, turning around to look at her mother. Lily nodded, then looked into Milly's hazel eyes. 'Do you think my Hogwarts le-' Milly jerked again, causing her to stop speaking. '-tter will come?' She continued, as if nothing had happened at all. The autism sometimes got 'hold of her', as her mother called it, which means she jerked and twitched and often had temper tantrums. Answering the question, Lily answered,

'I can almost definitely say it will come. Especially after um...' Lily's light voice died out, and they were left in silence. Last summer, Lily had been the owner of a mighty tantrum, and the unfortunate  person she was arguing with ended up with no eyelashes or eyebrows. Nobody liked to talk about it, especially as the person was in fact their next door neighbour, who happened to be a muggle. 

Lily sighed then patted her daughter's shoulder, and stood up to start the laundry. 

'Off to bed, you!' She called from the kitchen, and Milly scuttled up the stairs. She dressed into her green and yellow nightdress, then hopped into bed. Milly drifted off to sleep in about thirty seconds, which was quite unusual for her, as she usually was quite the opposite. 

                                                    -        -


Milly woke up the next morning with her curtains full of light, and her room in its usual messy state. She smiled broadly, then ran out of bed and hopped downstairs where her mother and father were waiting for her. 

She squealed and jumped into her fathers arms. 'Daddy!' She screamed. 

Her father, Dean, had not been home for months. He was an Auror, a dark wizard catcher, and spent most of his time off at different countries. Dean grinned, and snuggled Milly tighter. 

After a couple of emotional minutes, they walked into the lounge together, and before Milly set her eyes onto the presents, she looked at the window. 


There was an owl. 

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