Tell Me That You Love Me [Niall Horan]

Tell me that you love me and tell me that I take your breath away. Maybe if you take one more, then I would know for sure. There's nothing left to say, tell me that you love me anyway.


1. One

I'm going to tell you a story. A story about love. A story about denial. A story about heartbreak. A story about lots of things really. It's the story of well, me. Me and a boy who I was absolutely crazy about. It may seem like the typical love story, but believe me it's not all unicorns and rainbows. Nor is it as easy as riding off into the sunset like a fairy tale . It's a complicated one. One with mixed signals and absolute stupidity. A crazy one. And an extremely fun one. For me, it was life changing. I'm sure you're getting tired of my babbling, so here it goes.


Once upon a time there..   I'm just kidding. Like I said, this isn't a fairy tale.

Anyway, I'll be serious now. Well, kind of serious. 


It all started when my family and I took a Summer trip to London, England. My parents wanted to have one more trip before my twin sister Claire and I went off to college. Somehow we had both managed to make it into Harvard. Which, at the time, was some kind of crazy and wild dream that I'd had since I was a little girl.   Little did I know that my plans would change dramatically, and that it wouldn't be my family I spent most of my time with. So let's go back to May 29th, 2012, shall we? The day that it all began. ...  



"Emma, hurry up! We don't want our plane to take off without us. Mom and Dad are waiting in the car. Grab your bags and get your skinny little butt out the door." 


I groan as Claire's voice calls from downstairs. She was a real freak when it came to being exactly on time. Well, on time to her is always twenty minutes early. Which was insane. I wasn't complaining, though. It kept us from being late, didn't it? But it was still annoying. 



I grab the straps on both of my rather large bags and slowly walk out of my room. I kept up my sluggish pace as I made my way down the staircase, earning a glare from Claire once she saw me.



"Oh would you give me those." She quickly made her way up to where I now stood still and I gladly handed her the bags. What? They were heavy. And there's also the fact that I'm clumsy and pretty lazy. "God Emma, you're such a baby sometimes."



"Geez Claire Bear loosen up. We're going to London for the entire Summer and then to Harvard in the fall. You should be happy. So come on and turn that frown upside down." I reach out my hand and she quickly slaps it away, already knowing what I was about to do. "God, you're not going to be like this the whole time are you?"


She rolls her eyes and walks back down the staircase, still carrying my bags.


"Let's go! I already told you Mom and Dad are waiting. So walk you're lazy butt out of the house and get in the car. You'll have the whole plane ride to sit, sleep, and do nothing." 



"Okay, okay I'm coming. Just chill, alright. You turn into the devil when you're mad." She gives me her famous scowl and I run up to her, pulling her into a bear hug. "I sowwy! I love you Claire!"



"Get off!" She reaches behind her back and grabs my writs, shoving me backwards. I give her my best puppy dog face, using my best weapon to get her to accept my apology. "Oh, don't even try that with me. Car. Now." She says, pointing towards the open front door.


I make a 'hmpf' sound and slouch my shoulders, making my way out of the house and to the car. Claire followed along behind me, making small annoyed sounds at my slow pace. What? It was payback for her always thinking that she was the boss of me. I open the car door and, once again, move slowly over to the left side behind Dad. Claire quickly gets in and slams the door shut, making her anger obvious. 



"So are you two excited about this summer?" Mom asks, turning her head to look at us. I smile at her and nod my head.

"I am, but I don't know about Claire over here." I shift my body to face her and smirk when I see that she's glaring at me. "Are you Claire Bear? Aren't you happy about going to London?" I ask

"Yes." She replies through gritted teeth. "I'm ecstatic. Well, except for the fact that you're coming with us, Emma dear." 

"Claire honey, be nice to your sister." Dad says, scolding her. I stick my tongue out at her, flaring her temper even more.

"Really Dad? You always take her side."

"Does not." 

"Does too."

"Oh yeah?" I ask. "Well Mom always takes yours."

"Does not."

"Does too!" I screech. 

"Girls!" Mom says, causing both of us to shut up and look at her. "Stop it! Don't tell me you two are going to be like this the whole trip. Can't you two get along for once? This is getting ridiculous. You are both eighteen now. Act like it." 

Both of us quiet down after that, not wanting to upset either of them any farther. Obviously Claire and I argued a lot. We were sisters so of course we did. Twin sisters more specifically. We were alike in so many ways so therefore we were always at each others throats. Most of the time it was stupid and pointless things like who got to use the bathroom first in the morning. Which, by the way, I always beat her out on. 

All of us were silent the rest of the ride to the airport, not bothering to break the awkward silence. That's what usually happened when Claire and I got like this. It was weird for all of us. But it was fine. I enjoyed the quiet. It gave me time to think.

It was actually like that up until right before we boarded the plane, when the both of us let out excited squeals as we walked towards it. This was truly going to be an amazing summer. Nothing but fun with the family. Well, it would be fun it Claire and I could get along for two and a half months. 


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