do you remember summer 09

alex drate was louis tomlinsons summer love the year before x factor. they were 16 and in love. almost 4 years later they meet again.louis falls inlove all over again. but he has to make the choice between elounor and alex. but louis has more past with alex then he realised.


1. chapter 1

alexs p.o.v


i sat on the sofa staring at my laptop screen. my mouse hovered over the folder. i knew i wanted to see the pictures but i knew i wouldnt be able to help myself but miss him. i clicked on the folder summer '09 and immediatly saw the beautiful face of louis william tomlinson staring back at me. thats right. i was his summer love. in 2009, the year before he became famous. i really missed him. the memories were great though.


"aaaalllleeeeexxxxx" he yelled. i smiled. he was 2 feet away from me yet he had to yell. i walked up to him and hugged him. he slowly wiped the tears off my cheeks. "there, there" he said "it wont be forever. whatever hapens we will meet again one day." i started crying. me and louis had been together in spain for the whole of summer vacation. by coincidence we met at the hotel where we had the rooms next to eachother. louis was from doncaster and i was from chelmsford in essex. there was no way we would be able to meet eachother for at least 2 years. we were both 16. no where near our drivers licenses.

"im gonna miss you lou." i sobbed "promise you'll keep in touch" i said

"i promise" he replied. he pulled me in and kissed me. we sat on the beach and stared at the setting sun. tonight was our last night together beore we flew back to england. we would both be going on the same plane to heathrow airport then we would go our seperate ways

*end of flashback*

i carried on looking at all the pictures of us and smiled. we stayed in touch that year and then he went in for x factor. we taked abit but then he met elanour and soon he stopped messaging. he got a new number but i never recieved it. he had clearly move on but i obviously hadn't. i stared at the screen and the tears rolled down my cheeks.

"mummy" came a small voice. i turned round and saw my 3 year old daughter staring at me. she had brown hair and bright blue eyes. yep you guessed it. louis tomlinson was her father. he didnt know though and i dont plan for him ever to know.

"yes princess" i replied

"we need to go dancing now" she said and i smiled. i took her to her room to get her ready. she did ballet and today was her first ever show.

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