Eliana's life is going perfectly. She has perfect grades, a great scholarship to the best law school there is, and a perfect boyfriend. Her plan was to marry him, become a lawyer, and live a happy life with him. That is until it all goes wrong. Her loving parents were killed in a car crash while driving to her graduation ceremony and her boyfriend breaks up with her. As she was about to jump off a bridge, a certain Liam stops her. Has Eliana finally found her happy ending with Liam? Or will she find her happy ending with Niall? Find out in Saved.


1. The Beginning

        "I'm so sorry," the doctor said," Your parents had too many injuries and couldn't survive the crash." And with that he left. I felt as if I was in a dream. As if my mom was going to wake me up any second now to go to my last day of high school. And to think that this day started off so perfectly.

      *****Earlier that day*****


       I searched around the bedside table for the snooze button. Then I remembered what day it was.  Today I am finally graduating high school. In 24 hours Eliana Lizet Lopez will officially be an aldult! 

        "Eilana, get up! You don't want to be late for your last day of school now do you?" My mom said. I checked the clock and she was right! I put on the dress I had chosen the night before and my cap and gown. I opened my door and smelled bacon. Yum!

        When I went down the stairs, I saw my dad reading the morning paper. 

        " Hi dad!" I said to him. He looked up and smiled at me.

        "Hi sweety, you ready for to day?" He asked. 

        "Not really but at the same time I am!" I replyed cheerfully. He looked like he was going to say something but my mom then brought his and my breakfast. I ate it up and rushed outside. I stopped suddenly when I saw a brand new car in the driveway.

       "How is my daughter supposed to follow her plan without a car to drive her there!" My dad said behind me. He scared me but I didn't care. I finally had my own car! And he was right, my plan for life absolutely needed a car! I hugged my dad and thanked him and got into th- I mean my car!



     ****AUTHOR'S NOTE****

         Hey!!!!! Don't worry, One Direction will be here soon, just wait! Please comment and tell me if you like this movella or not! And if you want me to read your movella just tell me!!!!! L8rs!!!

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