My Summer Love<3

Anna and her friends Haley and Cj are going to the beach for the summer.
Will they meet a famous boy band and have a summer love?


1. Intro

Me and Haley had just woke up and Haley was already putting the bags in the car."Haley you know we have 2 hours right?" I said."I know but I just can't wait to go to Florida,I heard One Direction is going to be there maybe you and Harry will meet and me and Louis might meet too,how cool would that be!!!"Haley exclaimed.Me,Haley,and my friend Clarissa,we call her Cj, were going to Orlando for the summer and ever since Haley heard One Direction was going to be there all she thought about was summer love."When is Cj coming,she said she said she would be here 15 minutes ago."Haley said.Just then we heard a knock at the door.I got up and opened the door,it was Cj.She was wearing a black shirt with black shorts with a black lace on the ends of the shorts."Finally,Haley was just freaking out"I said."Haha you so wish Anna, I was just scared you got lost."Haley said."Ok girls, lets head out to the airport and got on our plane to what was the start of the best summer ever.

Well what did yall think leave comments and give me your thoughts on it i have it already wrote so i will try to update every day thanks:):)

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