dance away darcy ssorry this isnt getting finished

Harry and Sophie used to be madly in love. used to be. Harry and his family left. leaving Sophie heart broking, and pregnant. but she didn't tell him. she didn't have the heart to ruin his promising music Carrera, so she took a deep breath and dealed with it like it was her own problem. five years later, and little darcy is already a keen ballerina with big dreams. little does she know that her father is a huge music sensation, living in a luxurious house


1. prologue

"Sophie?" I swallowed, glancing around briefly. I was cramped into a small telephone box, the rain beating down outside and the night dark and chilly. drunken yells echoed from somewhere nearby, making me jump. my cell phone had run out of money, but being Sophie's loving best friend, I braved the streets of Vegas so that we could talk. her carefully composed breathing told me that something was deadly wrong. I clutched the phone tighter to me ear. "Harry's left." she said. swallowing. I heard a clatter and I realised that he was cleaning. Sophie never cleaned. "oh." I couldn't think of what else to say. Harry and his family had been planning to leave sotherburn for months. now, I guess, just seemed to be the right time.

"Mel," there was more.

"yeah..." I whispered, my voice hoarse. there was a pause, with nothing but static from the long distance in the background. I started to wont if Sophie was still there, until she spoke again in a very small voice.

"I'm pregnant."


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