Finding Freedom

Sophie is your average Jewish girl. She has many friends and even a boyfriend named Jake. When the Nazis come and put them into the ghettos, Jake dies trying to say goodbye to Sophie and give her one last kiss. Then, in Auschwitz, Sophie finds a new love. His name is Jack. Will they find love in their lives? Or will Jack die trying to fight for the woman he loves, like Jake?



I have been learning about World War 2 and the rise of Hitler in both my English class, and in my History class. Learning more about what happened gave me inspiration for this story. I know what happened was horrible, and it isn't a funny thing. I'm trying to make this story as realistic as possible. It may be a tear jerker, depending on what happens. 

So, the Holocaust is no laughing matter, and I want to make sure you know that before reading this story. I hope you know that I know that its not funny and should be taken seriously. 

And with that, I give you...

Finding Freedom 

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