Awkward awkward love.

The story of how one average, awkward girl finds herself the object of a seemingly perfect boys attention. And just how it affects her life.


1. HMV

“Hi there Emily!” I heard a voice shout at me as I walked through HMV. I turned and looked around me. I vaguely recognised the voice, but I couldn’t match it with a face. “Over here bro!” the voice chuckled as I saw a hand wave at me from over a row of Hobbit calendars. “Oh okay, one second!” I called back, pulling my sleeves down over my thumbs and shuffling awkwardly through the crowds of shoppers. As I reached the speaker, I had to stop myself from doing a double take and staring at him. He was gorgeous. “So how’re things? Haven’t seen you since the competition!” He announced, smiling awkwardly and putting his hands into his pockets. “Oh archery!” I proclaimed before realising I had just made it painfully obvious I had no idea who he was. “Don’t worry about it, I only remember you ‘cause you beat me!” he chuckled, giving me and wink and causing my insides to turn to jelly. Now I knew exactly who he was.

“I’m so sorry, I’ve had so much school stuff and stuff and yeah… Sorry!” I apologised hurriedly as I tore my eyes away from his magnificent lopsided smile and ran a hand through my hair nervously. “It’s okay really! So how have things been? You still into science and stuff?” he asked after smiling reassuringly and putting down the album he had been perusing. I blushed and nodded; “Yeah, but I’m more into astrophysics and radiology at the moment, it’s a bit harder than science stuff!” I added, attempting a wink and feeling ridiculous. “Oh I’m sorry your highness! Are you thinking of an elite university then?” he asked, giving a small bow and smirking at my embarrassment.
“To be honest, kind of yeah! What about you?” I asked, determined to stop blushing.
“Me? Well I’m aiming for Journalism or something, nothing too fancy you know? Just a good university!” he replied with a warm smile that seemed to be infectious.

We talked for about 10 minutes before I had to leave and squeal like a fan-girl at home. That had been amazing. He had been so amazing. His cheekbones were amazing. And his name was… His name was… Oh crap.

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