JLS-Through thick and thin

JLS have split up! So this is a little fanfic about what could have happened if the boys had stuck by each through thick and thin.


1. Chapter 1 - Oritse' POV

24th April 2013. That's when it happened. That's when the band that I'd spent half my life creating, decided to split up. I was heartbroken. I felt like we had let our legion of fans down. Within minutes of the announcement, I was bombarded with messages. Messages from friends and family asking 'If I was OK?' 'If the split was mutual?' and 'What was I going to do next?'

There was also messages from the fans. Fans sobbing that the end of us was the end of them. There sobs made me even more devastated. The only thing that made me slightly more happier was the fact that we had decided to wait until the end of the year. We would be able to give the fans one last album. One last tour. And one last Hurrah. I honestly don't know how the other boys were taking the split. I knew that they weren't as heartbroken as me. But I knew they were all upset. They were just grieving in their own ways.

I watched as more messages from the fans popped up on my twitter feed. Some were nice and uplifted me slightly as they said they would always be a JLSter and would follow and support me and the boys in individual journeys. But others made me feel even more upset, and left me wondering if we had done the right thing, as the sobbed that their lives were over, and that we had broken our promises, when we said that we would be there forever for them.

Since the split had been announced, we had all agreed to keep the group twitter account open, but also have individual accounts, so that the fans could follow our separate voyages. I slouched in my chair as I glared at my computer. I looked up the boys accounts to see what they were up to. Aston as usual was off to the gym. Marvin hadn't updated recently, which was probably an indication that he was busy. As for JB he was posting messages of thanks to the fans. I don't think anybody really understood how hard the fans were taking the split. I went back to my account and retweeted a few of the tweets, I wanted everyone to see how everyone was taking the news.

I sighed, I felt lonely. When the group first got together, we would hang out all the time. Going on holiday together, and literally spending every waking moment together, now we hardly see each other, unless we were working on the album, or the preparations for the final tour. I need something to take my mind off of what was happening. Seeing my family was going to be the only way for me to get myself back. And I knew that.

I can still remember when I told my mum the news. I remember telling her over the phone moments before the news went out to the fans. I remember her crying. She loved the band, and although she was still ill, and getting worse by the day. But I truly believe that the band was making a difference. It was giving her hope during a time when most hope was lost.

As for the rest of my family. I didn't know how it was effecting my siblings, I just hoped that I was going to still be able to support them, through their life choices. As the reason for the band was to help support and look after my family.

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