Can I be fixed?

18 year old Claire Seymour is a piece of thin glass at the verge of breaking. She's had her mother taken away because of drug abuse and an absentee father that she hasn't seen since she was three. Now living in the garage of her grandparents' ranch she doesn't think that anything could ever go right for her. Then she meets a boy who's initials are H.E.S. A mysterious boy who she has been emailing and instant messaging for about a month. And when she finds out the truth...


5. Clairey-Beary

I made it just in time. 

By the time I got backstage it was 4:55. 

I'm lucky I got to the bus stop before the bus left.

Calmly, I walked over to one of the guards. 

"Excuse me?" I asked. "Do you know where Henry Carl is?" 

The guard nodded and headed away down the hall. 

I leaned back against the wall, pulling out my phone. 

C: Where are you??!! I'm here! 

I texted him anxiously. 

I turned and saw the guard coming back down the hall... Alone. 

I sighed and walked towards him. 

"You will have to wait for a few moments ma'am." 

"Yeah, thanks." I turned away from the guard and leaned against a wall. 

Where was he? 

In the distance I could hear the roar of the crowd and five angelic voices. 

I'm missing the show! 

C: WHERE ARE YOU????? I'm waiting!

I texted him again. 

No reply. 

Maybe he's busy? Or maybe he doesn't have any bars? 

I heard the first set end somewhere off in the distance. 

I got a text suddenly. 

H: Have your back towards the stage and don't turn around till you hear, Clairey-Beary, okay?

C: Odd request but okay. 

I did as he asked and waited, anxiously, tapping my foot. 

I heard footsteps from behind me and I resisted the urge to turn around. 

"Nice outfit, Clairey-Beary."

The voice sounded oddly familiar, and as I turned around, I realized why. 

H.E.S.... Was Harry Edward Styles.


Outfit #3 -- 

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