Love Letters *A Niall Horan Love Story*

Marie lives in Londen England with her cousin, Ally. Life is boring. High school is the only thing important in her life. Untill she finds out she has Gastis Cancer, or stomach cancer, and only has a couple months to live. What happens when someone starts sending her secret love letters? Will this last year, be the best? Read and find out


1. I'm dying ..........and nobody can do anything.

                                              Marie's P.O.V

  I'm nervous, I am always nervous when I go to the docters. Let me give you my background before I go on with the story. I'm Marie Styles, yes Harry Styles sister! We got separated from each other when we were 11. Are parents separated, and my mom forced me with her. She was gone most of the time. So, I moved in with my cousin, Ally.  I'm 17 with long, brown, perfectly straight hair. I have turquoise blue eyes. I'm very short! Me and my cousin look perfectly alike. Anyways, I'm going to the docters because of my stomach. I've been puking and coughing up blood and its been hurting bad!!! I'm in the back of the car, scared, shivering scared! I'm afraid that im gonna go into surgery.. something I HATE! I walk in to the small, white wating room. It smells like plastic,mint, and colonge. Causing me to choke everytime I breathe in! " Breathe, Mar, Breathe." Sooths Ally. I look at her with big eyes. I can't do this.... I can't! ( Mar is what Ally calls me!) " Marie Styles, please come with me." The nurse says, tiredly, as I follow her.  I walk into a new room with mint colored walls. The doctors already in there. " Marie, sit while I check you" He says, reassuringly.

       - Skip check up-

    Gosh, I'm still here waiting for the results. I pull out on my phone and look at Twitter. All I see is picures of harry and.......TAYLOR SWIFT!!!   KNOCK KNOCK! I was pulled out of my thoughts as he docter walked in. "Marie, you have stomach cancer. We found out....too late. You are going to die in 6 months. I'm sorry"  was all he said. I started crying silently. " B- but, is there anything possible. Please try to save her!! I- She can't die, she's too young!" Ally cried,well more like begged, the docter. "I'm sorry, we will call you if anythings possible. I'm very sorry."

He left the room. I looked at Ally and said " Don't cry, Ally."  " It's all my fault, Ishowed have known." she stuttered. " It's not. Don't say that!" I said. But, I knew I'm dying..... and nobody can do anything about it.

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