The Eternal Wanderer

Just... trying something...
*Shall change category once it becomes clear which direction this is taking*


1. 1

Darkness envelops me. Cold embraces me. Silence wraps itself around my frail body. Pressure builds around me. Fish swim beside me. My lungs scream. Its strange, having your insides burn in water. I am aware of myself floating. That, and sinking. Sinking gently. Softly. Now if only I could just... shut my eyes...

The coldness startles me, awakening me as soon as I close my thin eyelids. My hair floats in a mass around me. I knew trying to escape in the lake was a bad idea. My clothes are drenched, weighing me down even more. Maybe I should die down here. It'd sure save everyone above a whole lot of bother. They won't have to shoo me away from their houses as I ask for food. They won't have to drive me away from their villages. Yeah, maybe it would be better if I simply... disappeared.

It's dark down here. It's too dark. The last bubbles of air float up from my mouth and nose. So pretty. Light dances inside them, reflecting from the distant world above. It all seems so dreamy, so silent. Beautiful patterns etch themselves into the skin of the water, to be replaced with new ones almost as soon as they appear. It's funny, I've never really bothered to look up whilst underwater. You never really notice something until it's gone. Strange that.

I'm tempted to stay here. So calm, so peaceful. Not the worst of graves, I had to admit. Some of the people I've seen, just lying in ditches. Lifeless. Cold. Dead. I feel lighter down here, as if my legs and feet have been untethered from the ground, and gravity has decided to let me go from its clutches. This watery kingdom beneath the surface has a strange feel to it. Calm. Homely. Dark. Cold. Odd.

A dark shape looms above me. I would have taken in a short breath- if there was any air for me to breath. It's saying something, but the water muffles it. They don't bother me, and simply move on, something long and pointed in one hand. I stay in my new home. It's nice down here. No one tries to kill me. No one tries to imprison me. It's nice. That, and no one tries to get rid of me.

I can feel sleep coming. It crawls forward in warm waves, lapping over my face. I close my eyes wearily, wishing the day to be done. I don't even need a pillow down here. So nice, calm and wonderful. I can feel myself... slipping...

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