These are some imagines that I have made! I do NOT do dirty ones! I will try and update everyday! All you need to do is tell me a little about you! Read to find out what you have to do! Thanks for reading! I'm sorry bit I can't get my cover up! Xxxxxxxx


1. What to do!

Hiya guys! So today I was thinking I should do imagines and Preferences! In my book Room Survise,Nando's and Beach House I said that I might! Well, I am! So all you need to do is:


Name. (Or Movella Username!)

Hair Colour!


Eye Colour!

What you want to happen!

Long or short!

Realation to 1 of the boys!

Sad or Happy!

And of course...pick a boy frrooomm ONE DIRECTION! You can pick: Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis or Zayn! And I will try and update as much as I can! Remember that I will not be doing dirty ones! I'm sorry!


So here's a very ruff idea of an imagine!


Hi! My names Ashely! I have green eyes and strawberry blonde hair, and I love listning to One Direction! I just love Louis! And I love him becaussee...were dating! Today is Valentines and he hasen't said anything about it :( You see he's on tour and we haven't talked yet for 3 weeks :( My phone started ringing "Helllooo?!" I asked. "Hey baby! Go to you're bedroom!" Err ok!" I hung up and wen't into the bedroom were I found a little note! It said "I really miss you and I can't bear another day without you!" Look outside!"

I opened the balcony door and saw a cute Louis standinf with a bunch of flowers and a card.

"OMG! LOUIS!" I screamed.

"I missed you so much!" he said.

"Wait, I thought you were on tour!" I asked.

"Wellllllll! I had a little change in plan I am!" he said.

You's both leaned in a shared a very passionate kiss which lasted serveral minutes!

"I love you, Ashely.!" He said.

"And I love you too!" I replied.

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