Summer Love

Will the summer change the life of Emily William?


1. introduction


   Emily William is a normal teenager, she loves music, and that's what she is actually planning to do in her future, she's 17 years old, she is living in Ireland with step-father only, she doesn't even have siblings,her step father isn't that bad, he doesnt hurt her or do anything to her,actually he is good to her, but he doesn't know what happens with her and that she gets bullied, he doesnt ask her about her day or anything but he is good to her and thats whats she wants. Emily is in year 12, that means this is her last school year and she's going to be in university. After 2 days is her graduation ceremony. Emily is lonely girl, she never had boyfriend or any best friend, she always gets bullied at school and they call her a nerdy e.c.t. She is really pretty girl and clever, she always likes to have friends but she can't, she is afraid to have friends that are going to be mean to her and dislike her and make them selves okay with her. Emily loves having a boyfriend, but she can't, she is lonely and she believes that she is ugly and geeky, because that's what everyone tells her. Imagine that you have never got a best friend or boyfriend, how will you feel? How will your life be? Will you stay happy like this till the rest of your life? Will you not sit at your room and cry for yourself and wish to have a friend that cares about you? Will you like to stay alone and hope that there is someone that you can talk to? 
All you can do is hope.

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