THe sister of crime

I awoke to the sound of banging. Its loud and worrying. I open the door my hand shaking to find a police officer...Looking for Rosa.


1. How could you?

Monday 29th April giovanna



The knock on the door woke me. As i looked out the window i saw it was still black.Pitch black. I turned to the clock. My vision was blurred but it read 3:01am. Why would someone be at the door at this time. I walked to the top of the stairs. I was rocking back and forth half asleep. At the top of the stairs i could see Rosa open the door in her dressing gown. Why was she so pretty even when she just woke up? As she opened the door i saw Grace stood there in tears.

"Rosa", the women said with a tone of sadness and disapointment. Grace was looking at me with a glare of death. What had Rosa done?

"Yes",she said. She sounded worried.

"You are under arrest for the murder of Teoh Lander-Boyce. Come with us.",she turned to me with a tear of worry in her eye. She opened her mouth to say something yet nothing came out. She turned to follow the police out to the door. She followed the police out of the door. Grace shook her head at me and followed the police with Rosa. I ran to the door.

"Grace..." ,i said my voice shaking. She glared at me for a second before slapping me round the face and walking off leaving me at my knees.

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