I thought wrong

Nobody could ever help me. I was lost, as much as my friends loved me nothing could change. I can just hear the screams replaying over and over in my head. It hurt, I hurt. I'm lost him, he was my everything. But after that fight... Nothing felt the same, we hadn't talked in months. I completely blocked him out, I still can't believe what he did, he broke my heart. We were so close but now... I don't even know.
Hi I'm Alice Devine, I was best friends friends with Liam Payne we'd been friends since we were 3. Nothing could break us apart, until now when I found out it was all a lie, our friendship, everything. He didn't care for me, he just wanted someone to make fun of.

*contains sexual references and bad language. Age 15+ only*


1. Prologue

Me and Liam are best friends. Nothing could tear us apart, we spend every moment of everyday together. Nothing could ever go wrong, we never fought we were happy. There was nothing that would change, we stuck together like paper and glue. I love this life, its perfect. I have a 2 best friends, a boyfriend and a twin brother who was like a friend.

"Josh! Alice!" Liam called running up to us

"Oh hey Liam" I said letting go of Daniels hand and hugging Liam

"Oh hey Daniel, didn't see you there" Liam said giving him and my brother Josh a high five each. They were all in a band together, along with Louis,, Harry and Zayn, Niall also sung but he played guitar too. Daniel played guitar/base, Josh played drums and Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis and Zayn sung. I of course did nothing, I was just Daniels girlfriend.

"Is Summer on her way?" Josh asked looking at me, Summer was my other best friend and Josh's girlfriend she used to live next door to us but then her parents split so she lived 20 minutes away now

"Uh yeah" I replied looking at my phone "She'll be here in a few" 

"Good" Josh smiled. I have to say it, although Summer was my best friend, her and Josh were probably one of the cutest couples out

"Babe" Daniel said 

"Yeah?" I asked turning around

"I don't believe I've had a kiss today" He said smirking

"Well I can fix that" I smiled reaching up to give him a kiss

"Get a room!" Someone shouted, Summer of course 

"Hey Sum" I said turning around to give her a hug

"Hey Al" She said hugging me back

"Summer" Josh smiled


This was the last day that everything seemed normal. After that, it was all down hill.




Hey guys! Tell me what you think of my story so far! 

Should I carry on? And I know, not all the One Direction band members are there I'm gonna add them later. :)

-Love Grace xxx

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