Cup of Tea

Emma was a normal girl she loves One direction,music,clothes,shoes,and boys. She wasn't having a good day until she met Louis Tomlinson. He turn her whole day around! She gets to meet all the boys and she gets to go to all fun places.


1. Emma's bad day

Emma's POV

I'm Emma, I'm a regular normal girl. I live in Doncaster London. I love One Direction, clothes, shoes, boys and a lot of other things. I was having a HORRIBLE DAY!!! first my boyfriend broke up with me for my best friend, then my other best friend is moving to the USA, then I didn't make the cheer leading squad, then all my friends would talk to me! I didn't know what to do!! so all I did was run home! then I saw that my mum wasn't home and that there was a note in my room it said " hi Emma by the time u read this ill probably be gone but I am going to the USA to find your dad. I'm sorry it's short notice but it's for the best. I left you my credit card it's on the counter. I put all the money you will need in there. I will miss you so much make sure you call and text me. I know you can live on your own without me. I will visit when I can. So wish me luck. yours truly,mum". I was balling now and so I ran to the place where I always do when I am sad............... to the park! I just sat on the bench balling my eyes out. Then someone can and have me a hug. I wonder who it could be? 



*authors note* 

Let me know if you want me to continue hope u like it so far.

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