1. Flash Back

Avery's P.O.V 

What are you doing Liam?" I ask confused and a little bit scared. "Don't worry Avery it's nothing trust me, you'll feel better after it's over. He comes over and hugs me then he starts kissing me from my lips then dropping down to my neck. His lips tickling my neck it was cute until I felt a sharp pain through my neck I ask screaming in pain "Liam what are you doing?" He don't answer and then the room starts spinning and it's blurry of course I need glasses, but I never thought the room would be spinning then I got dizzy and the room around me started to darken and I don't remember anything after that. 


Jordan's P.O.V

"Hey!." Harry yells behind me. "Don't go." He protested. "Why?" I look back at him with tears in my eyes, and I don't even look at him just stare down at the ground. "I love you." He says. "Yeah sure, Harry you say that to all girls I'm just another one that you think you can mess around with. Well guess what I'm not." "That's not true Jordan." He walks up to me and puts his hand around my waist and comforts me while whispering words to me that made me feel a slight bit better. Then he takes me inside and this drink tasted really good but made me feel a little tipsy but there was no alcohol. I asked him what was in this and he replied "Just a drink for me and you to stay together forever." Before I knew it the room around me was surrounding of red splotches and the bright lights darkening and my eyes are forcing shut.

Cassie's P.O.V

I look into Niall's deep ocean blue eyes and I could see the world with him and me. He gently brushes my hair back out of my face and I let a small smile come out and he grins real big. I laugh and he lets out his adorable cute laugh that makes me fall for him even more. Niall says "I wish we could stay together forever Cassie I've never met a girl who understands me more than you." "Aww Nialler." I say then we kiss. Then my phone rings and I go out onto the patio and then I'm accompanied by these big strong men in black suits coming up behind me I scream wondering how they could see me and then I knew they were poltergeist. Niall hears me and comes running and I let out a yell and I'm pushed into a weird looking moving jell cell. Niall chases me down the street and I can't see him anymore and I cry. 


Cassie looks like that ~ Ghost 


Jordan looks like this ~ WereWolf

And Now for Avery ~ Vampire


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