Battlefield 3. Get your head in the game.


1. Day one.

BANG!!! The tank had just let off the first shot with the new artillery. It was a ear cracking sound like no other.


"What was that", the Russian commander asked. "Sir I think it's the new US artillery", coming from the soldier in the ditch next to him. The US had took most of the Russian ground by now. BANG!!! The second shot was fired with another ear cracking shot.

The US were advancing fast towards the ditch of which the commander was in. BANG that was the last the commander ever heard.


Back at base the US were celebrating the victory over the Russians. "Great fight, dam good fight," said Ethan. "Ethan" shouted the captin. "Yes SIR."

"You'll be sent in to help out the Delta squad at breaking the front line." "No problem SIR."


"Move forward," said ghost the Delta squad team leader.

Noises coming from every where. But the one he hated the most was the shout of  "GRENADE." The one he dreaded the most was the one that separated Ethan, ghost and maverick from the rest of the squad.

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