When nothing remains

When everything is gone from sight, everything single little thing you ever knew, then you are truly free.


1. ---

Sitting on the windowledge,

Looking down at the patio below.

Bubbles were blown,

Games were chased,

Childhood was lived down in that very garden.

And now it's the place that that childhood will end,

Will come crashing down with a thump.


Blade glides over flesh,

Sweet pain erupting behind it:

Bright and clear,

Fresh and sharp.

Red lines left behind,

Crimson droplets sliding over pale skin.


One falls,

Down and down and down to the ground. 

A small stain left behind,

Always imprinted there. 

Like the dent after falling,

Head hitting ground.

Tears were shed,

Hugs exchanged;

But it will always be there.


It will be over shortly,

Everything done.

Friends lost,

Family weeping,

Strangers shocked.


They will all wonder why,

She would do such a thing.




Seemingly perfect.


None seeing under the surface, 

What lay beneath.

Hidden emotions,


Never shared before.

Carved into her body,

Each and every one,

A constant reminder.


Loss and emptiness,

Dark and hollow.

All inside her.

The world is a blur,

Fuzzy and blurred,

Nothing clear any more.


Days out,

Birthdays held,

All will be over and forgotten,

Pointlessly done.


A small teddy bear,

Clutched between shaking fingers.

Fur matted and rough

From hours of being held.

In small chubby fingers,

Scarred slender fingers,

And right now.


Arms push,

Feet move down.

Soon it will all be over.




She won't have to feel it any more.


Letting go of the scratched paint,

Bear flying beside her.

Hair streaming back,

Cardigan catching air.

But eyes are shut,

In a state of pearly bliss,

Finally all will be over.


No more feelings,

No more hurt,

No more confusion.


All over.










And it's done. 



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