Started with a Hello.

The three girls set out for their yearly adventure. New York this time. But this time it wont be any ordinary trip. You'll just have to read and find out what hardships and obstacles they go through during their journey.


1. Time to fly

"Mom! Did you wash my pink top!?" "Yes Dear, why?" "ugh! it shrunk!" I stormed off and walked the what once to be a cute flurry pink top to the trash. I was getting ready to go to the airport to meet the girls. We were going to New York this time And for about 10 months since we decided to have a Gap year before Uni. Might as well introduce myself! I'm Angela and 19.Golden-Brown wavy long hair that almost look red in the sunlight, big brown eyes and brilliant pink plump lips. Many people say i'm pretty, gorgeous, beautiful. I don't believe compliments. I'm full of insecurities but i try not to think of them to often. I rushed out with my luggage, as my family waited for me in the car. I was extremely excited! Spending almost a year with my best friends! I listened to my IPod while my Dad was driving to L.A.X We've lived in Los Angeles for about 7 years now. We moved here from a little town in England. Many were fascinated by my British accent. I don't know what the big deal was. I put up the Elton John in my ear buds and dosed off. "We're here!" My dad's deep rugged voice awoke me. I soon put on a huge grin from ear to ear. I saw Sarah and Jasmine waiting for me in the lobby chairs i ran up to them and soon we were in a big group hug. Gosh they were gorgeous. Sarah had blonde long straight hair and brown eyes and bushy black eyebrows but they suited her look and she could be a model if she wanted to. Jasmine had long black curly hair and brown eyes, I admired her too.We heard the announcer above "Flight to New York about to leave in 20 minutes please board now." We turned to our families and gave our hugs and kisses. We headed towards the entrance and i looked at the time, 7:00am and glanced at the date April 14th 2001. I was hoping not to suffer from jet leg. The take off was harsh and bumpy but once we were in the air it was smooth. It was about time to fly. The girls and i planned out what we were gonna do first. I fell asleep after a hour or so. "Wake up Sleeping Beauty" I heard Jasmine say sarcastically. "Ughh" I woke up drowsily. As we got off our plane we came across a huge One Direction banner that promoted their concert next night. Sarah was literally screaming and taking pictures with it while Jasmine just glared and walked past it. I wasnt a hardcore fan like Sarah but neither did i hate them. I actually liked some of their music. Okay, maybe all of it but i wasnt so much obsessed with the guys. "Hey! Maybe we might actually get tickets!!" Sarah exclaimed. "Eww hell no" Jasmin dismayed "Maybe" i shrugged.
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