Wolf Wings

Ray. He's no ordinary Chalson boy. You never are if you're a mutant with a power so dark even your own kind won't except you...
Book 6 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Alicia Keyes.


1. Another Victim

I padded away from the ball, the humans blood speckling my white fur. It rimmed my mouth, just begging me to lick it off. A dark forest soon engulfed me and hid me from the world. Something about it put me on edge. I hurried over to the contact point, my fur bristling. I climbed up on to the small ledge and let out a earth-shattering howl. A small group of people immediatly appeared infront of me, making me jump back and turn human again.

"Scared are we Ray? That kill too much for a little wolf like you?" Sniggered one of them. I instantly knew who he was.

"What happened when you had to kill Suards, Srellik? I think I'm just a tiny bit braver than you," I snapped at him, brushing my short brown hair away from my face. His smile was quickly wiped of his ugly little face.

"You little..." He started, raising his hands as if to punch me.

"Stop it! Lets just get out of here," Spoke up one of the others. Srellik gave punched me hard in the arm and headed back to the pack. I jumped down from the ledge and joined them. Soon, the forest was empty.

I could still taste her blood.

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