Just a Dare (Harry Styles)

Alison Powell. She gets bullied in school, she's insecure, has no friends but eventually befriends a boy called Harry and two girls named Sophia and Taylor. Sophia and Taylor are only nice to her when Alison's center of attention. Harry eventually asks her out but....was Harry really in love or was it all 'Just a dare'.


1. Chapter 1

Alison's POV 

It's a new term. New start. New year and hopefully new people,but surely that's not gonna happen. I've had enough of feeling insecure, because of certain people named Chloe she's the biggest bully ever, she's mean to everybody. *sigh* I strolled out of bed and stomped to the bathroom to take a quick shower. I wore my usual outfit of sweats. 

*10 minutes*

My parents would probably still be asleep so I just walk out the door and start the day which I guarantee will be terrible if Chloe's there. 

-At school- 

Faggot. Loser . Dumb child. Kill your self. Useless. Fatty. As I walked down the hallway that's all I could hear, I tried to ignore it but it wasn't worth it. I stood at my locker to take out my books and felt a tap on my shoulder and the hottest guy in school talks to me...wait...ME!!!


Harry's POV 

*5 minutes ago*

"Okay Hazza your dare is ask out the nerdeist person in school and we all know who that is" Joey boasted.

We all burst out laughing  but Joey stood their with a straight face.

"Oh...your being serious?" I questioned 

"Of course, dimwitt" 


Chloe just looked at him with a death glare, well she is my girlfriend. 

"Wait so my dare is basically to go out with Alison?" I asked in confusion.

"Yeah, it'll be easy and you have to go out with her for 1 month at least" 

Well I guess my life is ruined for a month, he even said I can't tell anybody it's a dare. Thats when my social life is over. I slowly walked up to Alison while she was standing at her locker and also being called names, I guess it was a daily routine by now so she should get used to it. I tapped her on the shoulder and she looked kind of starstruck. 



"Umm...H-hey" She stuttered 

"Wanna go out?" 

"Umm yeah sure yeah" She replied.


I knew this was gonna be easy, she said yes, Since I AM the hottest guy in the school all the girls are in line for me *sigh* I love my life. 

Alison's POV 


OMG, Harry Styles just asked me out I'm freaking out on the inside but I don't want to show it. I took small deep breaths in my locker before closing it and walking to history class with Ms.Wallace, She's so boring, her voice is so monotone. 

-An hour later-

By lunch time the news of Harry asking me out had already gone around the school literally everywhere. Wow Gossip. So many people had come up to me saying "Do you want to be bestfriends" infact not even asking me just grabbing my hand and dragging me to their table. 

"Hi, Im Sophia and this is Taylor"

"Hey, I'm Alison"

"Of course, we already know" Taylor spoke. 

"So we heard your dating hottie Harry, true?" 

"Yeah, he was kind of blunt though but I obviously cant say no" 

"But dosen't he have a girlfriend?" Sophia asked me, as if I knew.

"Yeah true" Taylor said looking dumbfounded, We all looked in the direction of the 'Glamourouses' that's what they call their little Clique thing, We saw Chloe and her two little idiots who follow her around like lost puppies, they approach nearer to us, I was getting anxious and scared.


What is she gonna say?



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