Our Place

Its been a long year for Rebecca, she was diagnosed with depression in April and then, at the end of June, finds out her parents don't want anything to do with her. She was put up for adoption but her dads friend, Louise, decides she doesn't want a stranger to take her in, so she adopts her and takes her over to Lancashire where she stays a her country estate. unfortunately, Louise can't stay with her, so when she thinks shes on her own in a 25 bedroom house with over 85 acres of land, what will happen when a group of boys end up moving into the house as well?


1. Moving.

Rebecca's POV


Hi, i'm Rebecca, i'm 13 and I live in Birr, Ireland. I'm moving tomorrow, because my parents don't want anything to do with me, because I was diagnosed with depression a couple of months ago, according to them life is to much drama now even though i'm getting better. My dads friend Louise adopted me because she didn't want some random person to do it, but she doesn't want me living near my real family even though she can't leave Ireland because he and my dad have a company there they need to run. So that means me going to live in a big country estate all by myself for a week but then there's supposed to be 5 more people coming to live heir with me, I don't know who they are, and i'm not sure if I want to, but Louise says I will be happier once I meet them, until hey move in, she is going to stay there with me and help me sort some of my things out, at least I get to choose my own room when we get there. I'm staying in Louise's flat at the moment, until tomorrow. I won't be going to school anymore, my teachers will be emailing my work to me, i'm going to miss my friends, but everything happens for a reason. I need to try and get some sleep now, before the long drive to Belfast tomorrow, and then we get on the boat to Liverpool, Before another long drive to Lancashire. This is going to be a long day...



I woke up this morning refreshed and ready for the day ahead of me, only kidding, the only reason i'm up is because when I refused to get out of bed, Louise threw a bucket of cold water on me. I got up, brushed my teeth and had a shower. i put on a pair of denim shorts, a white tank top, and my navy blue high tops. I dried and straightened my hair and put on some foundation and mascara. I have medium brown hair with a natural hint of red that falls half way down my back, and I have a side fringe that sweeps off to the right. My eyes are very dark brown, depending on the light, sometimes they just look black.

"Becca, are you ready to go yet?" Louise shouted to me from the kitchen, as I was dragging my third of six suitcases down the hallway and towards the living room, I also had eight boxes of my possessions that I wanted to bring.

"if you help me we can leave sooner" I reply, a little annoyed that she left me to carry everything through.

"ok, i'm coming to help you now" she said as I followed her back through to my room.



Once we were finished and the car was all loaded up we set off to Belfast. The drive was awkward and silent but neither of us wanted to start a conversation so we just sat there and eventually, I fell asleep.

When we got to Belfast, We drove onto the boat without saying a word. As we walked up to the passenger decks we were talking about where to sit, we decided to sit in the main lounge because there is a cafe there, they play music and there's a shop. When we got up there, we sat at a table and started to get comfortable. As the boat left the dock, i went to the shop and bought a bottle of Vimto, and a bar of chocolate, then sat down again. I ate my chocolate and decided to keep some of my drink for the rest of the journey, then i fell asleep again.



We got to Liverpool and I was only awake for 5 minutes so I could walk down to the car deck then fell asleep again once we were on the motorway. Hours later I was woken up by Louise, we were still in the car and when I looked out the window there was a huge house in front of us, it wasn't even a house it looked a little bit like the Houses of Parliment, but a bit bigger. We went inside so she could show me around, Louise grew up in this house and she inherited it from her father. She said to me before she told me about moving that this house would be mine one day, but I never took her seriously. At the moment there are  two people in the house but only one lives here, the house keeper, Kate, lives here and the stable director, Adam, who live in a small shed like building behind the stables. He has been offered a room in the house many times before but always refuses, he says he likes being close to the horses in case something happens at night. I chose my room, the biggest one and immediately we started moving my things in and unpacking. There is already furniture in my new room, which has baby blue and bubblegum pink walls, my two favourite colours, and its two floors! When you first walk into the room, there is a desk, a small sofa and rather large flat screen T.V. hanging on the wall. When you walk up the stairs (there's about twelve of them) there is a queen size bed and a walk in wardrobe built into the wall and the door is just a huge mirror that you slide along the wall to open. The only thing its missing is a bathroom and then it would be perfect. First of all we unpacked the boxes which had a variety of different things in, then we unpacked the suitcases and put all of my clothes and shoes in the wardrobe, then last, but not least, my posters. i have around thirteen posters and a few pictures from back home i wanted to put on the walls. I have seven One Direction, one of each of the boys on their own and two of them all together, I have a signed Everyoung poster, a Nickelback poster, a Lonestar poster, a Taylor Swift poster, a Cheryl Cole poster and a James Arthur poster, I like lots of different types of music. Finally I go back out to the car and get the three most important things that I own, my guitar, my trumpet, and my microphone. I set out each of their stands carefully and place them in the corner of the bottom floor of my room, then I set up my music stand and put all my books and pieces of sheet music on it then put two extra large paper clips over it all to stop it from falling off. Music is my life, sometimes I feel like its my only friend, but I know that's not true, I will always have my four best friends at home, Maia, Bethany, Katie and Natasha. We are all crazy about One Direction, they are all crazier than me though, i'm definitely less normal than all of them but i'm not as bad as them for liking 1D. When we were getting tickets to see This Is Us (the One Direction movie) Natasha said she was scared her ovaries were going to explode when she see's Louis' ass in 3D... What a weirdo! but once when we all had a sleepover we decided we would call each other by the name of our favourite member. Natasha is Louis, Maia is Niall, Bethany is Zayn, Katie is Harry and i'm Liam. It just kind of stuck after that.


I spent the next three days in my room, I refused to come out, simply because I was feeling ill. When i eventually came out, Louise was talking to Kate about how excited she was about the people were coming to stay. she didn't say there names but im guessing their either famous or shes known them for a long time. Four days later and Louise was running around the house like a mad woman, I've never seen her like this before and its actually kind of scary to be honest.

"THEIR GOING TO BE HERE ANY MINUTE NOW!!" she kept shouting. I still wasn't sure who, but i didn't really care. Then the doorbell rang and she squealed with excitement as she ran to open the door, I simply just wandered up stairs not really giving a crap. Five minutes after, I was playing my guitar when I heard mumbled voices and the thud of heavy suitcases coming up the stairs, I just ignored it and carried on playing and singing Mine by Taylor Swift.


Hours passed and I was still playing and singing various different songs by different artists until I heard Louise shout to me.

"Becca! come down here I want you to meet some people" she yelled sounding really happy with herself.

"why" I groaned "I don't want to come down stairs" I say standing and shuffling to the door, I heard laughing.

"just get your lazy ass down here, NOW!" she yells back up to me. I opened the door and slowly made my way down the huge amount of stairs, I walked through the huge kitchen into the formal dining room, which has a stage, and made my way into the living room where I was just assuming they were, I walked in and saw Louise standing there smiling at me.

"what do you want?" I ask as her smile grows, spreading wide across her face, I was getting worried now. Then 5 boys walked in from our dance studio and I just looked at them, shocked, it couldn't be them, I was dreaming, this wasn't real. One Direction.

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