Hollow Falls

Something isn't right in Amy's town. When her best friend was murdered by an animal, Amy starts to suspect it was something far more sinister. With the help of the cocky reporters son, two close friends and a mysterious new guy in town, Amy starts to piece together the clues. Could it be her sister who's acting strange lately? One thing for sure is, she can't trust anyone. Especially since she starts to believe it may not be exactly human nor animal: a werewolf. But if Amy doesn't hurry, the ones closets to her will get hurt and soon, Amy will be the last one standing.... Or for that fact, alive


1. Prologue

    Prologue-     The forest seems to grab at me. Branches point at me. The black forest is so quiet all I can hear is the groan of the wood board walk under by boots. I shouldn't have gone home so late. It's too dark. Too quiet. Dead leaves crack under my feet and the sound of an owl fills the sharp cold air. Heavy breathing abruptly stops me. It came from behind me. I whip around. But nothing is there but the crooked board walk. This is the cut through to my home.     Another minute and I'll be at the forests edge. Maybe I should go back?  The breeze swishes the trees and they  brush one another making noise. My heart hammers in my chest like something is wrong. But what's wrong? My breathing gets loud and nervous. I shouldn't have run off on Amy like that. Maybe I should go back. But I decide against it. Besides, I already told mom I was coming home. I guess I can't go back now.  My body feels uneasy.     " Hello?" I call. I roll my eyes. I'm such a scaredy cat. But still, I speed up. Foot prints sound behind me now. I don't turn to look. I run. Pulling my black hair out of my face I whisk through the winding boards. Feet brush against each other. My heart hammers so hard I'm not sure its going to stay in my chest. Yes! I can see the edge now! And a street with my house on the far side. Almost there. Then I see it. But too late. A broken board sticks up. I tumble down slicing my knee. Ouch. Blood trickles down my knee and I hear a growl. I look up. And scream.               **************************               Ring ring! My phone buzzes and I slink out of bed. It's two in the morning! I scrunch. " What?" I mumble tiredly. It's Mrs. Smitt. "Have you seen Anna?" I stop.        " What do you mean?" I ask. She's her mom and she doesn't know where she is? I roll my eyes. Anna's my best friend. But we had a fight and she went home. An hour ago she took off. I told her not to leave it was too cold. A twenty degree fall night. After she told her mom she'd be home. " she's not here.     " Mrs. Smitt sounds worried. Uh oh. " I'll go find her." I say. "Bu-" I hang up and grab my navy coat not even checking my wavy brown hair. I run out the door and to the board walk. Sprinting, it's not that far. The piercing October air seems to  cut at my exposed fingers. Why didn't I grab some gloves? As I near the end I see something on the board. It looks like a person. Weird. I run to it. I see the forest's opening that leads to Anna's street. I kneel down and immediately know it's a body.     But not just any body. I know her. It's Anna. Her blank blue eyes stare into nothing. Her black hair unruly and everywhere. Her hands lie motionless. She's dead.       Hollow Falls
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