Old and New Memories

One special boy and one special girl. But will the girl be enough for him?


1. The Night It All Began

     Best friends...that's how it always starts, right? In all the movies best friends always end up dating, but what if it doesn't always end that way? Not everyone's love life is written by Hollywood. All the girls want a perfect fairy tale ending like they see on tv. Sometimes you can get that, but by the time it takes you to realize you have it it's gone. Sad right? That's where my story begins. 

     It was a beautiful Tuesday night and Zach was texting me. We really haven't ever talked until just recently. I secretly have always had a little crush on Zach, but told no one because I didn't wanted to be laughed at because I had no chance with him. Zach always texted me first, for that was the boys job right?  We were having just a normal conversation, but I wasn't having that good of a day so far. I was feeling insecure, ugly, and not good enough. I told him that I was feeling that way because he asked what was wrong and to my surprise he started yelling at me and told me  to never say those things about myself ever again. He started calling me beautiful and all the other nice compliments. I'm surprised I didn't like pass out or something by then. I finally had to go so I said bye and saw him the next day at school. We talked a little at school, but not a lot. When I got home that day we started texting again and that night he asked me out. Man...I wish things were still like that! The days we held hands, kissed each other, talked 24/7, told each other stuff we didn't tell anyone else, but most of all...loved each other. These days things are different and things are just getting interesting. 

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