Monstrous Seas

Anyone who read the Odyssey (or a shortened version like I did!) knows how Odysseus felt throughout that whole ordeal. But what about his ship that constantly sailed though thick and thin? Here's its point of view on the whole situation!


1. A Ship's Point of VIew

Weary tired men had just rowed me past the rocky Island of the Sirens. My captain Odysseus did not put wax in his ears like the rest of them. He had to be bound to the mast by a lot of rope to keep him from jumping overboard. All I saw was three ugly vultures, but from what he yelled out, Odysseus saw beautiful women beckoning him in.

        I am tired out from sailing the huge sea for so many years. I just wanted to hightail home to the three-kingdom isle of Ithaca, but Odysseus had insult Polyphemus, causing Poseidon to curse us. I used to sail with 11 other ships, but they have been destroyed by previous dangers.

        Oh no! The lookout has spotted something ahead! I see it now too. It is the monstrous Charybdis, the whirlpool. Odysseus loudly shouts an order to keep rowing on. As I approach the center of Charybdis, I can taste the salty seawater on my prow. Charybdis seems to be increasing in speed, and I get hit with various pieces or trash from ships that sailed here before me. I think to myself, “If Odysseus hadn’t gotten us cursed, we might be home right now.”

        The crewmembers are straining their muscles to keep me from capsizing. The sea was as rough as a jagged road. Thousands of tons of water pounded against my sides. The waves were a vicious beast, trying to tear me apart. I finally begin to think that we might get out safe, until someone yells, “ Scylla ahead!”

        If each man wasn’t almost as strong as Ares himself, we would all have capsized and sunk a while ago. The air reeks of the stench of many centuries worth of junk piled up in Charybdis’s whirlpool and Scylla’s cave. Once in a while, I feel weight being lifted from deck as Scylla plucks off men for dinner. She has already taken six men and is coming back for more.

        Before she can, Odysseus and his men row out of both monsters range. Most of the men have made it out alive! For now we are safe, but knowing Odysseus, we’ll have a problem by tomorrow. 


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