LoNdOn LoVe 2

Part 2 Of London Love ;3::: So Liam and Hilary move back to London.. LALALA


1. Moving back to London..

Hilary's P.O.V

Liam and I boarded the plane happily. The wedding was last week!! We enjoyed ourselves alottt.. We found seats together then this random girl came. I was sitting by the window. Liam was in the middle so the girl sat by him. '' Hi, I'm Ally. '' She smiled at Liam. Ignored me. '' Hi Ally, I'm Liam. '' He smiled. They talked the whole way over to London. I sighed. Finally. Time to get off this plane!. I jumped up, climbed over Liam and Ally, and ran off the plane. '' Finally LONDON!!'' I screamed, while getting weird looks from everybody! I went and found my own suitcase, Yes Liam and I packed our own suitcases. I ran to MY car. And drove to MY house while singing Let me Love you by Neyo. '' Girl let me love you, until you learn to, love yourselfff!! '' I sung. Finally I arrived home :). I unlocked my house and went to unpack my suitcase. When I was done unpacking I changed into this : :   I then made me some tea and got a sandwich 

. I sat on the  couch and watched some tv. Then The doorbell rang. '' COMING!! '' I screamed.


'' I know the font is small.. But last time it was too BIG!! So.. Yea. This story 2. If the font was bigger the story would seem longer. Bye!! ~Mackenzie :)

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