Perfectly Broken Hearts


1. Reminiscing

The ten pink balloons tied between them swayed softly in the gentle breeze whilst the joyous chorus of a hundred birds filled the air. How often he had looked at her, his Venus, whishing he could say the words that hang on the tip of his tongue; but alas, his courage deserts him and he bites his lip to keep from smiling as he remembers the day they first met. He could still see that day, as clear as glass, in his mind’s eye.

Twelve years ago, his ten year old self sat on the same pockmarked stones looking glum; he had fallen out with his friends and needed time alone. The soft sounds of a freak sun shower surrounded him like a gentle embrace, as if the world was sympathising with his feelings. It was then when he heard the gentle thump thumping of shoes on the hard packed soil path, someone was headed towards him. He sighed defeated, knowing it was only a matter of time before someone found him; he looked up and was pleasantly surprised.

Stood opposite him was a girl with long hair the colour of sun gold and the ghost of a smile playing on her lips. She was clearly older than he was but an odd fragility hung around her like a cloak, like she was made of very thin glass the sort it would take only a strong gust of wind to break. Without hesitation or a polite question she sat down next to him; slowly, like the still dripping rain, conversation began to flow between them.

The time the two spent together that day were the start of the happiest days of his life so far. Years passed and they grew to be very close but somewhere in his heart, hidden deep down far from the light, he may never be enough for him. The compulsion to utter his feelings aloud were always haunting him lately a relentless spectre.

He breathed out slowly through his nose thinking, flying hearts fall like a stone when they burst. And he didn’t want to burst yet.

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