Run Away

Ever since Noelle's father left the family her mother has been abusing her everyday and forces her to everything and rarely feeds her. Her mom treats her like her own personal slave and when Noelle refuses to do as she says she gets punished to almost death. Noelle has always wanted to run away from her but everytime she tries she gets caught. Will she finally get lucky and run away from "hell"? Who knows..


1. My life... everyday



I woke up from another nightmare and walked downstairs to find my mother drunk as usually. "Aye! Clean this mess up! I can't live with all this trash around!" She screamed pointing at all the mess. "Well you made it! Why don't you pick it up yourself?!" I asked crossing my arms knowing I was dead. "YOU BETTER FUCKING CLEAN THIS SHIT UP I DON'T CARE WHO MADE IT YOUR GOING TO CLEAN IT UP BECAUSE THAT'S THE ONLY REASON IM STILL KEEPING YOU ALIVE!" Her words kept repeating in my head. The only reason I was still alive was so she could have a slave. What a sick bitch. "WHY DO YOU MAKE ME DO EVERYTHING!" I screamed at her not even caring if she decided to come at me with a knife. "BECAUSE YOUR A WORTHLESS PEICE OF SHIT! ALL YOU CAN DO IS COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERYTHING AND YOU RARELY DO AS I SAY! NO ONE LOVES YOU! WHY DO YOU THINK YOUR DAD LEFT!" My mom replied pushing me to the ground and slapping me in the face. "YOU DO REALIZED EVERYTIME YOU TRY AND YELL AT ME IM GOING TO FUCK YOU UP!" She screamed some more and kicked me in the stomache. I winced in pain and tried to crawl away. "Oh you think your done? Ha! That wasn't even the beginning of your punishment for being such a lazy bitch." She said picking me up by the neck and throwing me to the ground again. Every part of my body hurt and i started to cry. "Your so weak!" my mother screamed in my ear. I had to get out of here. I've been wanting to get out of here and every time I try I get caught and punished to almost death. "I think that's enough punishment for now." My mom said "Now make yourself useful and clean up this mess already!" She added throwing cleaning materials at my face. I got off the floor and winced because of the pain in my stomach "Ok." I mumbled looking up at her. "Now I'm going to take a nap and when I wake up this better be clean!" She hissed stomping upstairs to her bedroom. This was my chance. 

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