One Way Out

Tears rolled down my cheeks however they were nothing compared to the rain plastering my hair to my face. The waves were so high they crashed against the bridge, the wind so strong the trees swayed. How did it come to this? I was popular, pretty, loved.
The first two years of high school were a breeze. My grades were good, I was popular, had friends life was good. It wasn’t until she came that it all went downhill. Rose Perkins a plain girl with mousy brown hair and glasses. The minute she walked through the door she was mocked. It shamed me to admit I was one who teased and ripped her confidence away. For all of 2nd year she ate by herself, cried in the toilets and had no friends but by 3rd year that had changed, a lot.
That first day of a new school year a blonde, stick thin Barbie doll entered the parking lot. No one could believe the change the nerdy girl had made, me the most. With her new look came a new mean girl attitude and she looked down on us the way we had with her. A

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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